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december local menu
Examples of Midwest-grown produce left to right: tomato, pickling cucumber, red hot pepper, green onions, mushrooms, dill, parsley, red pepper, rutabaga, carrots and eggplant.

The following foods from local farms will be brought into
Chicago Public Schools in December:

Thursday, December 4th
Corn, Cut (WI) K-8
ABF Chicken Drumsticks 9-12
Miller Poultry- Orland, IN

Friday, December 5th
Green Beans (MI) 9-12
ABF Chicken Drumsticks K-8
Miller Poultry- Orland, IN

Tuesday, December 9th
Corn, Cut (WI) K-8

Wednesday, December 10th
Green Beans (MI) K-8
Carrots, Diced (WI) 9-12

Friday, December 12th
Carrots, Diced (WI) 9-12

Monday, December 15th
Carrots, Diced (WI) 9-12

Wednesday, December 17th
Corn, Cut (WI) 9-12

Friday, December 19th
ABF Chicken Drumsticks
Miller Poultry- Orland, IN
Fresh Cabbage Slaw!
DeGroot Vegetable Farm, St. Anne, IL
All grades will enjoy this special menu
Farmer Adam Degroot will visit CPS!