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When Fruits and Vegetables Grow In The Midwest

Want to see what crops are grown in the Midwest year-round?

What the chart means:
Green Bars: The green bars mean a crop is in season and being picked.

Gold Bars: The gold bars mean that people that grow in greenhouses can make the season last longer but keeping crops warm. This is called "extended season".

Blue Bars: Blue bars are for crops that can be stored and used all winter. This is true of many apples, squashes and potatoes.

What about the winter?
You may notice that almost no crops grow in the midwest in the winter. This is true because of our cold winters! To bring you locally grown fruits and vegetables in the winter product is frozen right on the field in the summer when it is fresh and put in large freezers. This allows everything to stay healthy and delicious so you can enjoy local fruits and vegetables all year round!

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