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pen pal program

Ever wonder what it's like to grow up or live on a farm? Each month a farmer will be available for email correspondence.

Our first farm correspondent is Bre, who is a freshman in high school and lives on a farm. Students will have a chance to ask Bre anything they would like about farming! Bre was adopted with her two brothers and has lived on a chicken farm for the last four years.

On Bre's chicken farm she is responsible for collecting eggs in the morning before school and selling eggs and chickens at farmer's markets on the weekends. They have bees on the farm too, and sometimes Bre has to put on a protective suit to collect honey.

A downloadable PDF flier about Bre will be available for download to use in the classroom beginning on Food Day, October 24th.. Students are also welcome to email Bre by clicking here. She's a student too, but can answer emails within a week.