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Vorpahl Farms
Vorpahl Farms


vorpahl farms

Vorpahl farms grows:
  • Dairy Products
  • Frozen Corn
  • Green Peas
  • Supersweet Cut Corn
Sustainable Profile: Produce, Local, Dairy
Mileage to Chicago: 119.94 Miles
Random Lake, WI

Vorpahl Farms, which dates back to 1892, is now owned by fifth generation family members Marty and Jason Vorpahl. Over the years the farm has grown into a 3,300-acre farm with over 1,300 cows. They have an extensive employee training program that emphasizes animal care and farm safety to ensure the animals are well taken care of and treated right. On average, each cow produces over 31,000 pounds of milk per 3x milking, which is 10,000 pounds more than the state average. Jason and Marty are expanding their milking parlor and buildings in order to add 1,300 more cows to the herd in the next couple of years.

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